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Referee gets assaulted with bucket of urine.

August 28, 2007

Not Liverpool, but this shows how YouTube is used to bully and intimidate long after some wicked act.

In this video, football fans attack the referee, over some dispute.

Have the people involved been prosecuted?

True SCUM who turn on a man doing a hard job of work as working class areas forget the rules in football and morality itself.

The fixture was St Ambrose vs Paige Celtic. It could be Liverpool.

Video uploaded by AaronM2006

Kirkby smackhead song

August 28, 2007

When a town has songs written about it, focusing on the smack heads, you know its going downhill.

Funny in some ways, and the musician also has a song about Purple Aki who might not be asking the lads of Kirkby to show him their ‘pecs’ in this day and age.

Lynchy abusing a smack head

August 28, 2007

Brave lads, throw what looks like an egg at some woman accused of being a ‘smackhead’

The same lads will worship Curtis Warren (who should be hung) and the local gangsters who actually sell the heroin and use the profits to buy up local shops and pubs and so on.

So the gangsters who sell the Kilos are heroes, and the addicts ‘scum’.

Warped logic, no?

This video is another sick one showing bullying by a pack of kids.

Video uploaded by efcll92 (here)

‘Smack head’ hand caught in postbox

August 28, 2007

This is an old video, and many get uploaded, then downloaded and uploaded again under some other title.

The video is sad, because the youth who find a women with her hand stuck down a post box then laugh and film it.

She could be the mother of a few local kids who now have to live with this.

No-one cares that the women is perhaps and very likely trying to steal from the post box.

No-one calls the police to stop the crime. After all, would they bother to come out?

Calling the police is grassing. Even if some old pensioners £20 sent to a nephew is stolen. Even if an 11 yr old is shot.

Unless its your 11 yr old.

Whether the woman is a smack head is not known and no-one on YouTube seems to care much one way or the other, as long as advertising revenue comes in.

Marsh Laner’s, Bootle.

August 28, 2007

Video starts off by advising us the Merseyside police are the worse scum in Liverpool.

The dulcet tones of a rappers called G Unit then advises the listeners to ‘fuck the world’ and furthermore, he states “I’m out of control, like a nigger let out of the hole”

The chorus states “You mother-fucker’s don’t know me.”

With a foul mouth like that, is it surprising?

Maybe parents who buy rap CDs or download them as MP3s ought to listen to the actual content.

The word ‘mother fucker’ is a vile term of abuse – perhaps the WORSE we know. Any culture which adopts such an offensive sick term as a verbal abbreviation mark, needs to buy a dictionary and bring back parental discipline.

Little wonder black kids in Liverpool still hear the ‘n-word’ shouted out by ignorant youths who have pretty much picked up on the usage because it was put into the mainstream language. Any white kid who has sung along to rap will have to say the n-word and the MF word.

Video features guns, dogs, your ‘gang’ of 9 to 18 yr old scally’s standing by ‘da offy’ or trying to look like ‘da blood’ or ‘da crip’.

Lost kids for the most part, the parents are the ones who need locking up.

This video has had embedding disabled. You might need to sign up to YouTube to see it.

Link here

Bootle Boys

August 28, 2007

The videos all seems the same.

Scally’s all seem the same.

This one features rap music soundtrack. What else?



Stolen cars (sometimes called ‘stoleys’)

Da Vid

August 28, 2007

Starts off with a very moody topless picture of Tupac, who is seen as a ‘father figure’ singing lullabies to the council estate kids about bitches, pit bulls, coke, alcohol, shooting people, and other things that the under 12s ought not to be hearing about.

Video shows someone on a bike, doing wheelies.

Liverpool is host to people who motorbikes to torment local people by driving these bikes in a dangerous manner, turning local parks into no go zones after dark.

From time to time they knock some over, and have taken away miles of open space from pensioners who no longer wish to walk a dog through parks with bikes, gangs of boozed up kids, and the dangerous dogs.

Kirkby 06

August 28, 2007

Video that claims to be better than Norris Green or Croxteth.

Features devil dogs, the ones who will rip some kids face off in a blink.

Kids on bikes in local parks.

Some comments off the viewers….

“Kirkby? You’re just dumbass losers, and inside… you know it. Retards.”

“What can you say about Liverpool? A hole populated by the the thick, the racist, the violent and the maudlin. Place has been awash with smack since the eighties and the long term effects on the collective IQ can be seen here.”

The bit about smack in Kirkby is true.

There are hundreds of smackhead parents on long term sickness disability. The left wing call this “helping Kirkby’s unemployed“. So did the Tories who gave heroin dealers recommendation’s for royal pardons.

A youth from Southdene with an IQ of 75 (and hopefully a sperm count of zero) gets all angry after someone notes that they might well kill a child of 11.

He mumbles….

“uno yas r callin us shitbags coz of dat kid cum n say it 2 r faces n an a guarante yas we will kill yas widout even usin any weapons.”

Hard to understand is it not? Kids write like they are typing a text message on a mobile phone.

More people begin to connect Kirkby with the black ghettos of the USA…

“You’re bang on there, mate. These pathetic little wannabes think they’re in LA and they’re part of ‘MS13’ or similar!”


“Oh how cool you gangstas are. This ain’t downtown Detroit, it’s bloody Kirkby!”

See for yourself….

Riding scooters in the road and other ‘joys’.

August 27, 2007

We’ve all seen the idiots riding motorised scooters in the road and on the pavement.

Many parents in Liverpool purchased them, though many will be stolen.

Here is just one example of the behaviour known to scally children and their families as ‘normal’.

The person riding the scooter falls off, which brings about laughter from the fellow youth.

You can bet the parent[s] would sue anyone who knocked them over, as if riding in the middle of a duel carriageway is their right of way.

Speke Crew

August 27, 2007

Video shows plenty of knives which are the preferred weapon for many.

Uploaded by bartgarston. This is his/her only ‘naughty’ video.

I hate knives and hate the filth who use them. Many of Liverpool’s gangsters cut their way to earning fortunes, and are seen by the kids as heroes.

Guns are also featured in this video.

Plus, as we’d expect, the inevitable Devil Dog, protector of the the drug stash, and attacker of children.

Also, cars and bikes. Stolen, one might suppose!


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